Tusk Overall SUPPORT

Tusk offers a one stop service to small and medium contractors. Not only do we offer construction support services but also administrative support. We obtain the necessary finance to successfully complete your project and make a profit. Financial information will be supplied to you during the project to equip you to manage your project and take calculated decisions. We are there for you and will walk with you through the duration of your project.

Problems Faced By Small And Medium CONTRACTORS/DEVELOPERS

Limited administrative capacity & contract management.
Limited access to finance.
Financial and training agencies address each problem separately.
Joint venture with established business generally does not result in contractors becoming technically and financially independent.


Provides technical and financial assistance in one package.
Contractor retains all decision making control over his/her organisation.
Tusk becomes a support provider to the contractor in respect of a particular project.

Benefits Derived From A Tusk CSS RELATIONSHIP

  • Free up collateral
  • Improve cash flow
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Provide a one-stop shop for project finance & support services;
  • Adds financial discipline to your project;
  • Adds control systems to your business - Candy, Codex, Pastel;
  • Tusk CSS offers:
    • Established record with major Lenders and Suppliers;
    • An extensive knowledge of the construction industry and material supplier network;
    • Have sound relationships with all role players involved in the delivery of subsidy housing, infrastructure, community facilities and PHP projects