Since 1999 Tusk offered their clients professional construction support services as well as financial assistance in the form of working capital loans and performance guarantee. Emerging contractors have advanced to successful businessmen and women under the guidance and support received from Tusk. We are passionate about our clients in the construction industry.

Value of Projects Financed: R10 BN
Number of Projects Supported: 954
Value of Bridging Finance: R2.5 billion
Number of Performance Guarantees Issued 365
Value of Performance Guarantees Issued: R510 million

Our Philosophy

Tusk Mission

Our mission is to empower and develop our staff and our customers. Our dealings with people will be with integrity, honest and transparent. We strive to treat all people with dignity and respect. Customer service is our priority; we are continuously training our staff to empower them to achieve this.

Tusk Vision

To become the most preferred professional and profitable construction support services company empowering emerging contractors in South Africa.

Tusk Aim

To assist you to complete your project successfully and make a profit at completion.?We want to contribute to empower our customers to become excellent business people.

Tusk Goal

To provide financial and construction support and other related services to small and medium size contractors and housing developers, with an emphasis on the needs of individuals from previously disadvantaged communities.

Tusk Target Market

Small and medium size contractors who have secured financially viable contracts from eligible institutions and who require financial and construction support services to successfully complete these projects.