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WHO is Tusk

Tusk Construction Support Services is a specialist organisation that has extensive knowledge o f the construction industry and supplier network. We have sound relationships with all role players involved in the delivery of subsidy housing, infrastructure and community facilities and provides a range of services including Bridging Finance, Performance Guarantees, Access to Material Supplier Credit and Support Services. We support small and medium sized contractors who have secured financially viable contracts from eligible institutions and who require financial and construction support services to successfully complete these projects.


Each contractor has unique needs and levels of experience. Some require more support than others. Tusk assesses the needs of each applicant and structures the loan and the level of construction support accordingly. The relationship between you and Tusk will be built on mutual respect and common interest. Our success depends entirely on your success and Tusk shares in your risk until the fulfillment of the contract. We offer you:
  • Technical and financial support
  • Contractor retains decision making over his/her organisation
  • Tusk becomes a support provider to the contractor in respect of a particular project.

With regional offices throughout the country the Tusk teams are well positioned to offer clients a broad range of construction finance and support services under one roof.

How do you QUALIFY for Tusk's services?

To qualify for a bridging finance loan and and material credit facilities, you must have been awarded a viable contract from a recognised employer in the public or private sector, approved by Tusk.

Tusk then conducts an technical and financial evaluation process to establish whether you qualify for assistance - both technical and financial. Once successfully evaluated you will enter into a "Construction Support Services Agreement" with Tusk.

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